Beautiful cardigan

My first cardigan using my own alpaca wool.  Really beautiful to knit with and I am thrilled with the result.  Looking forward to wearing it shortly.  I have used Cleo’s wool.  Beautiful alpaca, producing beautiful fleece which in turn has produced a lovely garment.  The picture does not do it justice.  Must learn to take better photos!!



Pigs excited about forthcoming away day to butcher

Our thoroughbred Oxford Sandy and Black piglets are now approaching the time for their first (and last) outing. Excitement is mounting amougst the 11 of them as to who will be the first allowed on board. Clearly the biggest have the best chance, but I’m not letting that on !!  All being well we will have fresh pork all ready by Mid March. Anyone looking for half or a whole pig should get in touch. These have been reared outdoors in a totally natural environment, and will have no additives, so will be 100% pork. (please visit our contact page to get in touch)osb piglets

Welcome to the new website

This is the first post on our new website for Alpaca pigs & poultry.

We have spent this cold Saturday building this website which entailed battling cold winds and boggy fields outside on the farm taking photos with the photographer who is in a power chair which was interesting to say the least.

Fun in the MudWebsite development