Free Range Chickens

Harold our village retired farmer and fount of all knowledge especially animals and farming, encouraged us to buy some hens.  I went off and bought 4 lovely girls, Haroldina, Herc, Honey and Hilda!!  Haroldina is still with us and still lays the odd egg!!


We soon realised that they needed space and lots of it and they were soon in the field with plenty.  At the same time the Ex Battery revolution was on and I couldn’t resist the urge to give these poor things a better life, however long or short.

I did some research and found the local rescue site and reserved our first 10 girls.  Off we went and bought back the most bedraggled, pecked at, sore and sad birds I have ever set eyes on.  They were much worse than I had imagined but they laid an egg on the way home and never really stopped.  It is a real joy to watch them learn to do what really comes naturally to hens left to do what comes naturally.  They had little strength in their legs and didn’t venture far but within a week they were scratching and pecking with gusto.  They always run out of the house and flap their wings in excitement and I never tire of seeing them do this.

Polly polish and Winny the wyndotte

Our eggs are beautiful and our girls give them happily.  The yolks are beautiful orange colour, and because they scratch and peck and chase bugs etc they taste heavenly.

We are delighted that the living conditions are now so much better for the battery hens in this country, but they are still not living the way nature intended.

The DucksWe will continue to ‘rescue’ as many as we can and hope that people will buy their eggs and support us to do this.

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  1. Fantastic site! Really impressed. Looking forward to visiting the tea room and taking the tour as a paying customer!

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