Our beautiful alpacas

Quite how we got into Alpacas is a mystery to this day.  We only remember being given some tickets to the Royal Show in Warwick by our very good farming friends the Davies’.

We went along and had a wonderful day in the sunshine.  We wandered around with the crowds and were drawn to a pen of fluffy creatures by our little daughter, who was a sucker for anything soft and fluffy looking and still feels underprivileged because we never bought her a rabbit!!

We found them almost intoxicating.  Fascinating and a joy to be around and Maxine and Peter who had bought them along were interesting and keen and we were bowled over by them all.

Emma then did some research and before we knew it she had chosen 4 breeding girls from Maxine and Peters herd!

Proud looking cazoo

James and I were still a little scared at the prospect but intrigued and arranged to go and see them.  Before we knew it we were asking our friends the Davies’ how to make fencing and paddocks and were taking delivery of 4 pregnant girls.  Party Girl, Cleo, Café, and Princess Lea arrived and have never been anything other than a pleasure to have.

Our neighbours have been so supportive of us and love the animals to look at and watch almost as much as we do.  We are truly thankful to them all.

Alpacas are beautiful creatures.  They need very little but give so much.  We have been privileged to have amazing babies from them and ever
1st Girl 2011The alpaca fibre has almost no lanolin in it and so is not greasy and people have nothing to be allergic to.  It also is a smooth fibre and under the microscope has no ‘barbs’ which is what makes sheep’s wool so itchy.  Baby alpaca fibre is the most sort after as it is the softest but even the old girls fleece is so much softer than most wools, and we invite you to come along and ‘feel’ the fruits of our herd.y year we take the most wonderful fibre from them which in turn makes amazing wool.

All our wool is natural colours.  We do not dye it in any way.  We bought the girls and breed with them for beautiful natural coloured wool.  We have most of it spun at a mini mill near Sudbury and we then ball it ourselves or you can purchase it in skeins if you prefer.

Each ball or skein has a label with a picture of the alpaca that grew it which we hope you enjoy.

Our Boys

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