Eco Day at School

Snarestone School, Kingfisher class, recently arranged an Eco Day and invited the local small schools along.

Eco Day Photo

During the day pupils took part in , pond dipping, making a willow dream catcher, making compost and visiting a smallholding!  US!

It was a wonderful day.  The children only had 45 minutes with us so we walked very quickly!  We had a chat about what we feed each animal and what they produce for us to eat and sell.  The children came face to face with the Alpacas, pigs, and the ducks.  We talked about the value each of the animals add to the farm, how their manure feeds the field, which produces better grass for the animals and makes better hay for them during the winter months when there is no grass growing.

Eco Day Photo

The pigs root through the weeds and rotovate the ground so that we can plant new things in it before being sent to slaughter to provide superb meat for us.  The alpacas are sheared and provide beautiful fleece for us to spin and sell or for me to knit wonderful garments with.


The ducks and chickens provide eggs almost all year round!

We talked briefly about chopping the trees in a way that means they will grow continually without us chopping them all down.

Eco Day Photo

We all had a fantastic time although we would all have liked much longer here to talk in more detail.
I was thrilled to be able to show the children around and extremely impressed by their excellent behaviour.  They were incredibly interested in our animals and had some very interesting questions.

 We hope to entertain the whole school very soon.