Our New Project.

It has been such a long time since we posted anything on our site.

We have been really busy throughout this time.

We have been granted planning permission for a Tearoom, Wool shop and Animal Park. Over the next few days we will be posting pictures to bring the story up to date. We are so very excited about this project and hope that you will join in and come and see us, our lovely animals, good food and fantastic selection of wool.

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The ground work started in November 2016.

James really enjoyed playing with a digger.

2017-08-16 075219-3314903

We then decided on the type of cabin and she was ordered. She arrived on two huge lorries.

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It took some time to unload but it was so exciting.  The young driver was amazing reversing that enormous lorry through the gates and parking it.  It all worked like a dream.  Then we waited for the second lorry to arrive!!

More tomorrow..


1 Hour old and in my high vis coat already !

1 Hour old and in my high vis coat already !

Teddy - Our little black boy

Teddy – Our little black boy

This year we have been lucky to have 4 new CRIA (baby alpacas). 3 are girls with one little black boy. They arrived in two pairs, and skip around the field like little Bambies. The little black boy is a real character, and chases the rest of them, especially in the early evenings. Will be great to share our delight with everyone in due course.

Planning imminent

Without wanting to count our chickens before they have hatched, we are just awaiting completion of the section 106 document which should then allow our plans to be approved. It’s only the first step, and a long way yet to go, but we now are targeting opening early next year. The hard work begins now I feel.

Craft and Flower Festival Weekend

SONY DSCOver the Bank Holiday I have been in St Bartholomew’s church in Snarestone at the Craft and Flower Festival.

The top picture is of Jane Davies spraying the flowers Jane & I did over the archway representing the Parish Council.  I must say I was thrilled with our hard work.

The title of the festival was ‘Our Village’ and we invited all of the  groups or organisations to contribute either a donation towards a flower arrangement or to come along and do something themselves to represent their group.  We (the committee) were delighted with the enthusiasm from those who took part.  Most of the village was represented in some way which was fantastic.

We also showcased a small number of our talented villagers who came to church to do workshops and demonstrate their skills or to talk about their hobby and for most of us, to encourage people to take up one of the fascinating hobbies on show.

I was delighted to be asked to show off my spinning as it is such an old skill and so many people think it is beyond them, which of course, it isn’t.  SONY DSC

I decorated my ‘stand’ with pictures of the ‘girls’,  took some samples of our alpaca wool and items made with alpaca wool.  I thoroughly enjoyed spinning and talking to everyone who came to see us.  It was really wonderful to show people how to ‘drop spin’ and see the delight on their faces when they can see a lovely piece of yarn appear from a fluffy piece of fleece! I taught a little girl of about 7/8 to knit and make a daisy from a wheel.  The delight on her face was wonderful to behold.

The following pictures really do not do justice to the stands and flowers that were on show but a small reminder of an extraordinary weekend in our wonderful village.


SONY DSC        SONY DSC            Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Chris’s art Table                     Seppo’s Photography Stand           Debbie’s Dress making


SONY DSC          Exif_JPEG_PICTURE            Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Pam’s Lace Stand                         Meg’s Flowers                                  The tote Committee


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE             Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                    SONY DSC

The Globe                             The Panto Flowers and Roger’s Cane chairs           Sewing Group